Effeci 5010

Machine for automated production of surgical masks (single line).

50 Pieces per minute


The three aligned rolls of material (top layer, filter, bottom layer) feed the machine.

The material is ultrasound welded on both sides, applied the nose clip and cut to create the body of the mask.

Finally, a single line welds the elastic bands to the machine body.


1- Feeding Materials

● Three cloth rolls, each with 2 non-woven rolls and 1 filter paper roll.
  ● A reel for the bridge of the nose.

2- Mask Body Creation

  ● The mask body is welded on both sides (lengthwise), using ultrasonic welding, two rollers are continuous welding.
  ● The nose bridge is conveyed at the same time as welding on both sides.
  ● After welding on both sides in the length direction, perform intermediate welding in the width direction and cut the size of each mask.

3-Elastic Fixing

● Welding machine
● Cutting and welding of the elastic


1. Continuous ultrasonic welding and automatic cutting of the 3 layers

2. Ultrasonic welding and automatic cutting of the elastic bands

3. Ultrasonic welding and automatic cutting of the nasal clip